Winter Storm Riley continues its destruction.

Hatteras Island

The waves from Riley continue to slam the beaches of Hatteras Island. A lot of ocean overwash and flooding along Hwy 12. Damage to homes, pools, and flooding along Ocean View Drive worsened during last night’s and this morning’s high tide. Video below is from Ocean View Drive in Avon NC. For more photos and videos please check out my Facebook pageĀ 

Winter Storm Riley

Hatteras Island

Slideshow of photos taken today at low tide. Couple hours still till high tide, and it is already getting bad out there again. My husband was out there this evening checking on cottages, and he said the waves were busting through sending him running.

I know up north they took the brunt of this one. Seeing what the tail end of this storm has done to our Island if we got any more of this storm we would be devastated.

Prayers for those up north who have been hit so hard by this. We’ve been there many of times, and know what you are going through. Stay strong!

An Unexpected Storm

Hatteras Island

As the talk around me grew yesterday about Winter Storm Riley I pleasantly lived in disbelief. Most of the storm went north of us, so I couldn’t see how 40 mph sustained winds (55 mpg gusts) would do much to our little island. We’ve been through hurricanes. This storm couldn’t pack but so much. Well, I was wrong.

It is not that we haven’t seen worse, or that the island can’t handle 40 mph winds. I think what got us is that the wind came out of the west. That direction pushes the sound right on top of us. Even as the water started coming up. I wondered why my husband was running around lifting everything up. I didn’t think it could get any worse. I actually tried to get him to stop. Never been so glad that my hubby didn’t listen to me.

I now sit looking out my window to water surrounding my house. At the deepest part it is almost 3 feet, and about 1 foot under the house. Which a little of ended up in the storage room. And, am hearing that every village on the island is reporting flooding.

So, if you are one who never thought you’d here me say “I was wrong”; here you go… “I was wrong!”

Pictures below are from around my home. Click to view larger.

A Hatteras Island Winter

Hatteras Island

Winters can be rough on Hatteras Island. We are not a tropical island where warm weather prevails year round. Though the temperatures normally don’t get down as load as the areas inland of us, thanks to the ocean, we get a lot of wind. With temperatures averaging in the 40’s that wind can cut right through you and any layers you put on.

This winter, I must admit, as not been that bad. Most of December felt more like a beautiful Autumn day. The beginning of January decided to fight back with that Snowacane. But since then we have been back to normal. With ups into the 60’s and even one or two days in the 70’s.

When we get those beautiful days we have to take advantage of them. This one specific day I noticed my daughter was a little down. I asked her if she like to go take a walk on the beach. Of course, she enthusiastically said yes.

When we got there we were first amazed at how much the latest storms changed our Avon beach all along the Ocean View Drive area. Five feet of sand from dune to ocean seemed to have been excavated away by the ocean. We walked south from the pier, and the sun was just beginning to set. Pastels filled the sky and reflected off a calm and glassy ocean.

We looked for shells and sea glass, and eventually turned back. On our walk back to the pier I started singing worship songs to God. We were the only ones on the beach, and so nothing to hold me back. We had found a few shells, but no sea glass. And, my daughter was busy talking to me as I sang. I finally grabbed her shoulders, faced her to the ocean, and told her to be quiet for a moment and just enjoy this beautiful scene.

Right then it happened! We had not seen them the entire time until that moment. My daughters face lit up! Dolphins started jumping out of the water. They would break the surface sometimes, and other times do the full arching jump out of the water. They were enjoying the sunset and calm waters far more than we were. There was quite a few of them.

Then something bigger. There was two whales. We watched them come up and break the surface, blow out their blow holes, and sink back under. Again and again they surfaced. I stood their with my daughter in aw of what we were suddenly seeing.

The timing was so perfect. Seeing them right after we started praising the Lord, and turning her to take a quiet moment. We watched this blessing from God for 30 minutes as the sun continued to set.

Sadly, I did not have a camera to capture the whales and dolphins. But, below are the pictures of the beach, ocean, and sunset that evening. Use your imagination and picture the scene.

Hurricane Jose

Hatteras Island

Hurricane Jose may have passed off shore of our tiny island, but it still left it’s mark. Ocean over wash shut down the only road off the island above Rodanthe. While Avon got its share of ocean flooding as well.

Now we wait the coming of Maria. Who again is supposed to pass off shore of us, but a little closer and a little stronger winds for us. With her moving slow we islanders wonder what she’ll leave in her wake. It seems it doesn’t take much lately for our little island to be flooded.

Pictures from Hurricane Jose:

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