A little village on a little island out in a vast sea.

My name is Sarah Misch, and I live on Hatteras Island, NC. I fell in love with creating when I was a teenager. I was blessed with 2 great art teachers in my life. The first in elementary school; who saw something in me that I didn’t see until I was grown. But, I never forgot her, and what she did for me. The spark of awareness came to me in high school when my high school art teacher handed me some soft pastels to try, and I still love them today. Then I found photography, and with it a true passion of mine. I continued into different forms of arts and crafts. I have a love for creating, and when an idea comes to me I’m compelled to pursue it. This love for creating has led to the vast array of art and crafts here for sale.

I am a wife and mother of 4 kids that I home school. I’ve home schooled them since kindergarten, and now my oldest is a junior in high school. My son is a freshmen, and my twins are in 6th grade. Homeschooling is the most wonderful, rewarding, and scary feat I’ve ever taken on. I truly love it. It does keep me at home; instead of out working. Which in this day and economy is hard. My hope is I can bring in some income through selling what I’ve created. If you have bought or buy in the future any of my work … THANK YOU! Your support is appreciated beyond words.