The Colors of Autumn

Before nature falls asleep it fills the world with one more burst of colors.

~Sarah Misch

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Hurricane Jose

Hurricane Jose may have passed off shore of our tiny island, but it still left it’s mark. Ocean over wash shut down the only road off the island above Rodanthe. While Avon got its share of ocean flooding as well.

Now we wait the coming of Maria. Who again is supposed to pass off shore of us, but a little closer and a little stronger winds for us. With her moving slow we islanders wonder what she’ll leave in her wake. It seems it doesn’t take much lately for our little island to be flooded.

Pictures from Hurricane Jose:

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OBX Blackout

As the Hatteras Island blackout finishes its third day we locals sit listening to the sound of silence. All the background noises of cars and people have quieted due to the mandatory evacuation of all vacationers. I sat on my back porch this evening thinking about how it was “back in the day” around here, and if the quietness we are in today resembles what use to be.

We have been blessed with cooler weather these last three days. Tonight I sit with the windows open, and there is even a chill to the air. I truly see that God is looking out for us in the timing of this outage and the cooler weather we are experiencing. I lived through hurricanes down here resulting in extended power outages, and particularly remember the boiling heat after Hurricane Emily. If we had average temperatures for this time of year right now it would be a life-threatening situation.

It is a hardy group of locals that live on this island. Many whose genealogy can be traced back hundreds of years on this island. We have been through a lot worse. I’ve always been proud in watching how our community bands together in hard times to look out for each other and extend help.

This is a hardship and great financial loss on thousands of people, residents and visitors, but I want to keep my eyes on the silver lining in it all. To do otherwise would make this so much harder. The weather is cool, people are coming together, families are spending time together, and front porches are gathering places again. There is always beauty to be found.


Bye Bye Electricity

There are many wonderful things about living on an island 20 miles off the mainland. No power in the middle of summer is not one of them. Thankfully the weather is not too hot. As of right now they don't know when the power will be restored, and "extended power outage" means different things to different people. I'm not sure yet what that will mean for us Hatteras Island folk.

But, with the inconvenience of it does come some bright spots. The silver lining you may call it. The quietness… true quiet. The white noise we all get use to is suddenly gone. Children do not have screens and electronics to stare at. I have 4 kids ranging 12 to 17 years old, and I found them talking, playing cards, and out swinging without being prompted.

Over all, things seem to slow down a little, and the limitation of what you can do allows for a peace of doing the simple things of life.

If it is faced with the right attitude an "extended outage" can create beautiful memories.

~ Sarah Misch

Avon Harbor, Avon NC by Sarah Misch.

Sea Turtle in Dots (Finished)

After countless hours, blurry vision from focusing too long on it, and hands cramping up from thousands of precisely placed dots, it is now finished. I am excited to be done, and very happy on how it turned out.

This is a 12×16 inch painting done in acrylics on Strathmore canvas paper. Prints will be available in my Etsy shop soon.

Enjoy! And, I would love to hear your feedback on it.